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Application for Macao SAR Travel Permit

Eligible applicants must fulfill the following criteria:
- Aged 18 or above
- Possessing a Macao SAR Non-Permanent Resident Identity Card*
- Chinese national
- Not eligible for other travel documents

Eligible applicants can use the self-service kiosks to submit:
- first-time application for Macao SAR Travel Permit; or
- renewal application for Macao SAR Travel Permit within 9 months prior to or after the expiry date of the Macao SAR Travel Permit.

Payment Method:
China Plaza: Cash, credit card, QuickPass, debit card and Macao Pass.
Services Centre of Macao SAR: Cash, QuickPass and Macao Pass.

* Please note that:
The self-service kiosks are not applicable to applicants under the following conditions.  They are required to lodge their applications at the Identification Services Bureau.
1. Below the age of 18
2. The Macao Resident Identity Card is expired (excluding the identity card which is being renewed)
3. Non-Chinese national
4. An interdicted or quasi-interdicted person
5. To apply for another person

Demonstration Video

Last Updated: 28/04/2017


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