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Sound Assist:
Resident Identity Card
1. Requerimento do certificado DIR-122-O
2. Requerimento do certificado de agregado familiar DIR-158-D
3. Procuração para requerer certificados DIR-155-E
4. Requerimento para verificação da autenticidade do BIR DIR-110-C
5. Pedido de Atestado de Residência DIR-109-E
6. Application Form for Becoming Macao Special Administrative Region Permanent Resident DIR-62-K
7. Requerimento de alteração de identificação DIR-48-G
8. Alteração de dados de contactos DIR-144-N
9. Pedido de verificação da relação de parentesco DIR-161-A
Certificate of Entitlement to the Right of Abode
1. Requerimento do Certificado de Confirmação do Direito de Residência DIR-67-L
Travel document
1. Authorization to lodge Macao SAR travel document application (1) DDV-103-I
2. Letter of authorization to submit application for Macao SAR travel document on behalf of others DDV-070-G
3. Fingerprint Form DDV-028-F
4. Declaration of loss or damage of travel document DDV-075-E
Certificate of Criminal Record
1. Declaration(Authorization for Certificate of Criminal Record Application) 1C-DRC-G
2. Boletim Dactiloscópico destinado ao pedido do certificado de registo criminal 12-DRC-B
3. Declaration (Authorizing this Bureau to verify information with the Public Security Police Force) 63-DRC-E
4. Authorization for Collection of Certificate(For certificate application via "Common Access to Public Services of the Macao SAR" platform only) DSI-102-A
Certificate of Association and Foundation
1. Application for the Certificate of Association and Foundation DRA-2-A
2. Application for the Certificate of Adoptable Name of Association and Foundation DRA-1-B
3. Application for Obtaining Information of Association DRA-3-A
4. Declaration (Authorization to collect Certificate of Association and Foundation) DRA-7-A
5. Application for Using Online Management System of Association and Foundation DRA-5-B
1. Application form for Online Resident Identity Card Verification Service DEA-169-A
2. Application form for using “Online platform for verification of digital photograph for Macao SAR travel documents” DEA-187-A
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