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Number of Visitor :
(From 2011-01-03)


Information & Appointment:
(853) 28370777
(853) 28370888
24-Hour Overseas Emergency Service Hotline : (853)2857-3333
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In order to facilitate the formalities for modifying contact information (including address and telephone number), DSI has launched the mobile application “DSI Service Station” and welcomes citizens to download and use this application. Besides, you are welcomed to provide your suggestions or comments on this service.

Application procedures:

  1. Log in the“Postal Application Service”system;
  2. Select the application category under the “New Application” column and input email address;
  3. Receive an email with instructions for the applicant to obtain an application slip on which the application number is stated;

The application slip is divided into two parts.  Part 1 is to be kept by the applicant and Part 2 has to be mailed to DSI with the application materials.

By using the application status enquiry function in the system, the applicant can trace the application workflow right after inputting the application number and email address. Please note that only credit card is accepted for paying the application fee and postage of all postal applications.

居民權利與領事保護專題網頁 簽證待遇


Officers of the Identification Services Bureau participated in the volunteer group organized by the Special Administrative Region Government for assisting the recovery of Macao communities after typhoon


Residents who had their document lost or damaged due to typhoon can be exempt from application fees


New travel facilitation to Macao SAR Passport holders


Identification Services Bureau sets up a Self-Service Station at Seac Pai Van in Coloane


New travel convenience privileges for holders of the Macao Special Administrative Region Passport and Macao Special Administrative Region Travel Permit


DSI launches prize-winning online quizzes on fundamental rights and duties of residents, consular protection and consular services


Holders of the Macao Special Administrative Region Passport are granted visa-on-arrival entry to the Republic of Malawi


Identification Services Bureau kiosks add electronic payment methods


Holders of the Macao Special Administrative Region Passport are granted visa-free access to St. Kitts and Nevis
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