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“DSI Service Station”

Modification of Contact Information

People aged 18 or above who are holding a contactless electronic identity card can download the “DSI Service Station” mobile application via specified Android mobile devices that are equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) function (please refer to the list below). After following the instructions to enter personal details and the identity card Confirmation PIN*, users can go through the formalities for modifying their contact information. The contact information will be updated 3 working days after the day of successful application.


Handset Model


HTC One (M7)

HTC One (M9)

HTC Butterfly 2


Mate 7 (MT7-L09)


G3 (LG-D858HK)


Galaxy Note 2 (GT-N7100)

Galaxy Note 5 (SM-N9200)

Galaxy S5 (SM-G900F)

Galaxy S6 (SM-G9250)

Galaxy S7 edge (SM-G9350)


Xperia Z5 Premium (E6883)

SONY C5 (E5563)

SONY Z3 (D6633)

Remarks 1:
The above handset models have been tested by the Identification Services Bureau (DSI) and support the contact information modification services provided on the “DSI Services Station” mobile application. However, their performance may be affected by different conditions and other factors like software version, firmware version, NFC(Near Field Communication) detection area, operating system setting of the mobile phone, operating environment, network connection, distance between the contactless electronic identity card and the mobile device as well as the material of the phone case.

Remarks 2:
DSI has made every effort at the time of publication to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information provided above. DSI reserves the right to revise the above list without prior notice and make the final decision in case of any dispute.

*The identity card Confirmation PIN is provided by DSI. If you forget the PIN, please proceed to DSI on the first floor of China Plaza in person for enquiry.

Instruction Manual   Download (File size: about 30 MB)


Last Updated: 01/06/2016

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